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Check out my previous client testimonials. This is where I share my results and feedback that I have gathered over the years. Each client has a different story or method to there success, each with their own personal journey. 


If you have trained with me before either online or in-person, it would be much appreciated if you could leave me a review. 

Alannah 2019

"Louie helped me grow stronger physically, and mentally. I was addicted to cardio, battling an eating disorder, and scared to gain weight. He encouraged me to pick up weight, eat again, and made sure I was always feeling good about myself. He taught me the true enjoyment of exercise, to nourish my body, and feel that i can achieve anything." ​


When I was a personal trainer at city fitness in 2019. Alannah and I would train 2 to 4 times a week, when we were both available.


Are training consisted of lifting weights every session with little to no cardio. Alannah’s goal was to tone up and feel more confident. Since are training I can see lots of improvements in herself and she still keeps on top of her own training with the knowledge she gained from are sessions.  

Harrison 2020

"It was an absolute pleasure to train with Louie, I was able to learn a lot from him despite having only had one session during the time he was back in the UK.


The session revolved around improving my form and confidence for chest exercises. I only had the knowledge to be able to perform a small range relating to resistance training. We were able to drastically improve my technique and add to the exercises that I already knew. He gave me the confidence to start working my chest properly and take the work that we did into further sessions by myself.  

Along with teaching me the above, he also works you extremely hard so don't expect an easy session!


During the session Louie is constantly talking to you, providing motivation and facts that keep you working hard and making the session interesting, which is important as its easy to become bored and unmotivated. He was also able to easily develop the session as we went on to suit my skill set and change the exercises depending on how fatigued I was.

Having known Louie for almost 20 years, his character will provide you with the perfect trainer and I honestly can't wait to train with him again!" 

Paul 2020

"A motivated, knowledgeable and passionate on his subject, Louie is always full of enthusiasm and drive. Highly recommend, irrespective of your current fitness level. Paul" 

Paul and me have been training since the 29th of June 2020. We have done a minimum of three sessions a week, every week without fail since. Within the first month Paul responded well to the program I wrote for him. Within a month of training he has gained 3kg of muscle, lost 2kg of fat and dropped 3% of overall body fat. Paul is an amazing client to train, as he's always super motivated for every session.   

Rory 2020

"Ever since Lou first approached me and offered help during a workout, his proactive and helpful attitude made the decision to take him on as a trainer an easy one. Little did I know with Lou’s expertise this would put me on a path that would make such a positive difference in my life.


Lou is very knowledgable and passionate about what he does and this is evident in him always researching the latest techniques to stay ahead of the game and sharing this knowledge with his clients. 

Lou’s good sense of humour always made our sessions enjoyable. Not once did I ever feel that the sessions were unsafe as all was closely supervised and safety and good form was always put first. By committing to the training sessions and following his expertise as closely as possible, I was blown away by how quickly I was able to see results, as well as feeling stronger in body and mind and having more confidence.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Lou to anyone. With Lou’s help, if you’re considering taking up some training or investing in your health and fitness, don’t hesitate and do it now. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself and will always be grateful for the mentoring Lou has given me. On top of being an awesome trainer he is a top bloke as well. 


Cheers Lou!"

Jo 2022

My daughter has the pleasure of having Lou as her swim coach in Keynsham. She had her confidence damaged by some previous teachers and was really struggling to find her swimming mojo again. Lou is fab at remembering all the children's names, giving them meaningful and kind feedback and driving them to be the best they can. My daughter adores swimming and it is so wonderful to see her loving lessons again and doing so well. Lou's approach is perfect for her and she listens to his feedback every week

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