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With myself as your coach in your corner, I will help to keep you accountable so that you make the changes that you a destined for.  

Personal Training

With my Personal Training service, I aim to offer the highest quality service.

When I am training clients on the gym floor, my full attention is locked on to them. I like to give out tips between workouts which I like to call intra-set lectures. While you are performing your exercise, I am constantly watching your movements which will help improve your form to help progress yourself to better results.


I use the same software that I use for my Online coaching platform, so that my in person clients get the best of both services combined. This means that I am able to give them more results even when they aren’t training with me between sessions. This then helps me to track the progression of my clients from their nutrition to their workouts.


I train a wide verity of people from competitive bodybuilders to regular people trying to get started in the gym which may include 'Obesity Management' also.

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